Airport Tours

Tours at the Wilmington International Airport

Tours of the Wilmington International Airport (ILM) are designed to provide a practical link to a student’s academic study of transportation and careers in aviation. Upon completion of the tour, students will better understand the role an airport and aviation plays in the community, as well as the wide range of careers related to aviation.

  • Tours are available to students in grades K – 12 and to any group interested in knowing more about ILM
  • Tours will be tailored to each age group
  • Tours are given on Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Advance reservations are required
  • Tours last up to two hours depending upon student / groups interest and questions
  • One adult must accompany every ten students
  • Maximum group size is 30
  • Students are expected to be quiet, stay close together in a group, and promptly follow the instructions of the tour leader

A Typical Airport Tour Includes:

  • A visit to ILM to observe airplanes taking off and landing
  • Following the route of a typical departing or arriving passenger through the terminal building: ticket counter, lobby, and baggage claim area
  • Questions and answers about the airport, our tenants and careers
  • North Carolina aviation history
  • The role of the TSA in the travel process
  • Understanding the role of the airport police fire and rescue, and emergency medical personnel

Special Safety Notes

Appropriate adult supervision of the students is required.
There is always the possibility of an actual alarm going off while visiting the airport. Be prepared to take immediate action to clear the students as instructed upon your arrival.

Schedule a Tour

Please call Rose Davis at (910) 341-4333 Ext. 1000.