Customs Building

ILM maintains a state of the art separate International Terminal providing a full service Federal Inspection Station (FIS) to clear international flights. This facility meets the new US Customs requirements. Unique amenities offered in this new facility include ease of processing and clearance, a luxurious waiting lounge with complimentary WIFI, a pilot lounge and rest area and outside pet area.

Under federal law, ILM is the only location on the east coast where planes returning from areas south of 30 degrees North Latitude may land to clear US Customs and Border Protection north of Jacksonville, Florida, without special exemption. Clear US Customs and Border Protection at ILM and enjoy the experience of our quick turnaround times. Have your aircraft serviced to include fueling and catering on the US Customs and Border Protection ramp while you are being cleared with no need to taxi to the FBO.

Visit the US Customs and Border Protection website at