Lost & Found

Did you lose an item while traveling through ILM?  Items left behind at the airport are turned in to different agencies depending upon where they were found.

Item Location & Contact Information

  • In common areas or the gate area of the airportThe preferred and quickest method is to please call ILM Dispatch at 910-341-4336.  It is helpful if you have the following information 1) The date and location in the airport the item was lost or last seen. 2) A description of the item (More description is always better. Please include the make and model if known).  Any found items should be picked up by the owner of the property unless other arrangements have been made with the ILM property officer. Please be prepared to present identification at time of pick up.  If the item is located and you are unable to pick it up personally, ILM staff will provide instructions on how to have it shipped.
  • TSA security checkpointContact ILM TSA in person at the airport or on the TSA website.
  • AircraftContact your air carrier by clicking the airline name/website link below: