Holiday Parking

With the holidays quickly approaching, more people will be traveling through ILM.  This means that our parking lots will fill up faster!  The long-term lot directly in front of the airport is always the first to fill.  If you are traveling this season, please opt to park in the Self-Serve Credit Card/Debit lots located on the right hand side of Airport Blvd.  Parking in these lots will significantly increase your chances of finding parking close to the terminal and getting in/out in a timely fashion.  Please note that these lots are self-serve and do not accept cash as payment.

When the main short term and long term lots are completely full, signs along Airport Blvd. will direct you to the additional parking lots.  Please do not enter any lots that is blocked off by cones as this signifies that the lot is full.

Thank you for flying ILM and enjoy your holiday travels!